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2022 Best Japanese Restaurants in Orange County

Best Japanese Food in Orange County

When most people think of Japanese food, they think of sushi, but there are many things that are grilled, simmered, steamed, and fried in Japanese kitchens as well. Think teriyaki, sukiyaki, soy-dried fish fillet, yakitori, ramen, udon and other unique dishes.

Whether you dine at the counter, prefer a western table, dine on tatami (woven-straw) floors and wear shoes in the corner, here are the best Japanese restaurants in Orange County (CA)

1. Bluefin

7952 E. Coast Hwy. Newport Coast, CA 92657

Sushi, Japanese, Seafood

Classic and creative sushi, sashimi and other Japanese dishes, many showing international influences, in a stylish contemporary setting, from Nobu Matsuhisa alumnus Takashi Abe.


2. Hammamori Restaurant & Sushi Bar

3333 Bear St. Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Japanese, Sushi, Contemporary

Chef James Hamamori presents an inspiring take on sushi with delicate detail and innovative ingredients. Crystal illuminations provide a contemporary and elegant setting for a spectacular dining experience.


3. Kabuki Japanese Restaurant

7801 Edinger Ave. Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Japanese, Sushi, Vegetarian

Kabuki Japanese Restaurant, the folks that make Japanese cuisine for all walks of life. Never tried sushi and Japanese cuisine? Visit Kabuki and we promise you"ll walk out hooked on our food. That’s what we do best; making non-believers into believers that Japanese cuisine is the new comfort food.

When you walk into a Kabuki Japanese Restaurant, you won’t be overwhelmed with Asian decor and soft slow music. What you will encounter is a fun, casual atmosphere with our friendly staff welcoming you through the doors.


4. Kappo Sui

20070 Santa Ana Ave. Santa Ana, CA 92707

Japanese, Small Plates, Sushi

Kappo Sui Restaurant, in Santa Ana, is a local favorite for fresh sushi and other Japanese specialties in its friendly and relaxing eatery. The pickled Chinese nappa cabbage and the raw tuna topped with grated mountain potato chips make excellent meal starters. Some of Kappo Sui Restaurants kitchen entrees include the filet mignon slathered in sweet and piquant miso, the steamed crab meat dumplings accompanied with dipping sauce, the shrimp tempura with soba noodles and the juicy grilled chicken wings.


5. OmG - Omakase by Gino

304 N. Main St. Santa Ana, CA 92701

Sushi, Japanese

A visit to this little downtown Santa Ana branch takes planning, patience and perseverance. Owner/Sushi Chef Gino Choi (Kaori) offers only 2 seats per night in a space of 10, which is usually booked two months in advance. Guests must also reserve seats through third party websites. However, Mr. Choi's craftsmanship and attention to detail on the daily changing menu are worth it. Jazz music and soft lighting set the mood, providing a sophisticated metropolis vibe that suits the much larger downtown area. Choi's omakase enhances the coolness of the metropolis through meticulous preparation as well as the quality of the ingredients.


6. RA Sushi Bar Restaurant

2401 Park Ave. Tustin, CA 92782

Sushi, Japanese

RA Sushi is rolling up an exciting dining experience for all. Located off Jamboree Road in The District, RA Sushi Tustin serves up a fresh, creative, Japanese menu. Join us for a casual lunch in the afternoons, a night out in the evenings or a RA'ckin Happy Hour offered twice a day Monday through Saturday and in the evening on Sundays.


7. Sushi Noguchi

18507 Yorba Linda Blvd. Yorba Linda, CA 92886

Sushi, Japanese

From the outside, this Yorba Linda restaurant looks like a typical strip mall sushi place. The moment you step in, the feeling changes, and the bright forest interior, orchids and family photos in full bloom create a real atmosphere. It also serves as the backdrop for the warm hospitality the owner Jun Noguchi provides to each customer. Her husband, Hiro, runs a pristine sushi bar filled with fresh seafood, hand-picked by him to create a menu made with the best flavors and seasonal ingredients.


8. Tokyo Table

2710 Alton Pkwy. Irvine, CA 92606

Japanese, Sushi, Small Plates

Located in Irvine's Diamond Jamboree Center, this contemporary Japanese restaurant is much like one you might find in Tokyo. With its striking organic décor and casual yet sophisticated dining concept, it attracts couples and families as well as those who just like modern Japanese food. A healthy portion of the menu is devoted to sushi, sashimi and signature sushi rolls like the lobster California roll or the unagi-topped spicy tuna Dragon roll.

There are also plenty of small plate and robata-style offerings to consider, among them salmon carpaccio or chicken skewers. Mains are a mix of classic fare and innovative dishes that bear influences from other Asian cuisines.


9. Wasa Sushi & Teppan

1346 Bison Ave. Newport Beach, CA 92660

Sushi, Japanese

Wasa Sushi On the Bluffs offers fine Japanese cuisine and fresh sushi in the Newport Beach area. Diners can enjoy carefully selected and prepared Japanese dishes along with seasonal vegetables, sashimi, meats and fish. Wasa Sushi delivers authentic cuisine with a modern flair, ensuring the right choice for every appetite.

Diners can choose from soba, ramen and udon bowls, salads or an appetizer such as edamame or takokara. For the meal, select an assorted sashimi platter or assorted sushi to experience a variety of tastes carefully chosen by the chef. Those who want cooked entrees also have plenty of options at Wasa Sushi, including grilled options like chicken or beef teriyaki. The restaurant also offers a happy hour complete with sake and other drinks paired with appetizers.



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